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How Cats Celebrate the Holidays
December 15, 2014

To many people, the holidays mean a time to reflect and reconnect with loved ones, often while enjoying some delicious holiday food. Our feline friends love to celebrate the holiday season as well. When the holidays roll around, kitties all over the world join in the seasonal fun in their own special way. In this article from your local vet Portland, you’ll read about how kitties love to celebrate the holiday season.

The Christmas Tree

It’s safe to say that every year hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful Christmas trees are brought down by adventurous furballs. If you have a cat and a Christmas tree, you’ve probably learned a few tips to help your tree stay upright through the season. Breakable ornaments may lose out in favor of more durable decorations. You might take care to place the tinsel higher up, and secure your tree to the wall or ceiling with fishing line. Even so, there are no guarantees that Fluffy won’t bring the tree down.

Gift Wrapping

Cats love helping their humans. You might find your furball trying to lend a helping paw whenever you make the bed, fold laundry, or try to solve a crossword puzzle. Cats everywhere know that when you spread out wrapping paper on the floor or table, that they are supposed to promptly sprawl out in the middle of it. You can tell by Fluffy’s face that she loves this part of the festivities.

Christmas Boxes

If you’ve bought a gift that didn’t come with a box, chances are you’re going to put it in one before wrapping it. As any cat owner can tell you, cats have a longstanding obsession with boxes. Chances are, Fluffy will hop into the box before you can place a gift in it. When it’s time to open gifts, your furball might have a blast jumping into the emptied boxes. As far as your cat is concerned, the whole purpose of holiday season may be to gather a plethora of boxes just for her.

The Internet

The world wide web is, by some estimates, roughly 75% cat photos. Grump Cat, Angry Cat, Surprised Cat, Garfield, and other feline celebrities, whether real or fictional, visit all sorts of inboxes around the holidays. It’s hard not to laugh at Grumpy’s Stooge-like hatred for the holidays, or chuckle when you hear Christmas carols being meowed.

All of us here at your local vet clinic Portland want to wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season. We look forward to serving all of your needs in the new year.

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