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Bringing Home a New Pet
January 1, 2015

Are you considering adding a new pet to your family? Whether your new buddy is canine or feline, there are some steps you would want to take to let your new furry pal adjust to his new surroundings. In this article from your veterinarian Gresham, you’ll read some helpful tips for helping your new pet settle in smoothly.


Arrange to bring your pet home at a time when you will be off for a few days and can spend a few quiet days at home enjoying some quality time with your new pal. If you work Monday through Friday, for instance, schedule your pet’s adoption day for a Friday, and try not to make any plans for that weekend. This way you don’t bring your new furry friend home only to leave him alone for most of the next day.


Make a list of everything you’ll need for your new pal, and pick everything up in advance. Food, a comfy bed, toys, leashes, bowls, brushes, treats, and a crate or carrier should all be ready and waiting for your new furball. Beyond that, you’ll want to customize the list depending on what type of pet you are bringing home. Dogs will need leashes, for instance, while kitties will appreciate a kitty tower, scratching posts, or cat tunnels.

Settling In

Animals are often very overwhelmed by major changes, such as a new home, so your new friend will need a bit of time to absorb the smells and sounds of your house before exploring. Set aside a spare room or even a laundry room for your pet, so your new pet has a quiet place to settle into upon arrival. Visit frequently with treats and toys, and let your new buddy get used to you. As for how long to keep the new one in quarantine, it really depends on your furball’s personality and history, and your household. A timid kitty may need more time to adjust than a bold and outgoing feline, and a dog that has been rescued may settle in more slowly than a brand new puppy.


If there are other animals in your home, you’ll want to make introductions gradually before letting the new one explore further. Small children should also be introduced quietly.

Picture Perfect Moments

Don’t forget to have a camera on hand to celebrate those first few days. If your new buddy is a pooch, you can get him a ‘pupcake’ to welcome him home, while Fluffy might prefer a can of tuna as a special treat.

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