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Is a Senior Dog Right for You?
January 15, 2015

Sadly, many wonderful and loving pets are abandoned by their human families when they being to grow old. These sweet animals generally end up in shelters, and are often very frightened, confused, and depressed by the sudden and harsh change in their lives. What is even more heartbreaking is that these loving pets are frequently passed by in favor of younger dogs. Senior dogs not only make excellent pets, they are sometimes actually a better match for people than puppies are. In this article from your local veterinarian Portland, you’ll read about why older dogs make wonderful pets.


Older dogs are calmer, quieter, and generally less destructive than their younger counterparts. If you prefer settling in with a good book or movie over going for a long stroll or hike, or taking a trip to the park, you may find a senior pet is a great match for you. Families with young children may also find a senior dog more patient and less excitable than a younger canine, which can be very beneficial.

Less Exercise

Puppies and adult dogs tend to have lots of excess energy, and need plenty of exercise to burn off some of that ‘bounce’, whereas a senior dog will be content with a quiet, slower-paced walk. While someone who loves exercising and being active may find a younger dog suits them better, those who prefer less vigorous activities might find an older dog makes a perfect pet.


Senior dogs are generally already trained. While any dog might need a bit of work in one area or another, with a senior pooch you stand a much better chance of not having to deal with housetraining messes, obedience school, bad habits, or learning curves.

Shorter Commitment

On average, most dogs will live between nine and 15 years, depending on the dog’s particular breed, health, and environment. If you aren’t sure if you are able to commit to caring for a dog for such a long time, you may find a senior dog, who will have less time, a better fit for your needs.

No Growing Pains

With a puppy, you can never be exactly sure what your pet will look or act like when he reaches adulthood. There is no guesswork in a senior pet. Their size, appearance, temperament, and personality are already fully developed.

As more and more animal activists are trying to raise awareness of the plight of senior pets, many people are finding that an older dog is the perfect match for them.

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