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You Suspect Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety
February 1, 2015

Your golden retriever Toby could have a nice career in community theatre. In fact, your dog’s two drastically different personalities could snag him both hero and villain roles. Generally, your easygoing dog loves people, other dogs, and even some cats. When Toby’s left home alone, though, his more sinister personality comes out. Your home security cam recorded the sordid details, making you suspect that your canine companion has separation anxiety. You’ve asked your veterinarian Gresham to determine what’s behind your dog’s antics, and give him some  behavioral counseling . Read more about dogs’ separation anxiety symptoms.

Obnoxious Barking

Toby doesn’t even wait until your car leaves the driveway. After slurping some water to whet his whistle, your determined dog clears his throat and begins to bark. Toby alternates his deafening barking with some frenzied growling and even some high-pitched howling. While he occasionally stops for food, water, and potty breaks, he quickly resumes his routine until someone returns home.

Canine Demolition Machine

You’d hate to get on the receiving end of Toby’s impressive jaws. Unfortunately, your panicked pooch has put those powerful teeth to work on your matching living room set. Since he doesn’t want to show favoritism, Toby cycles between the couch, loveseat, and two chairs. When he tires of shredding the furniture, he turns his attention to your house’s baseboards. You’re resigned to replacing the living room set. However, you’re most afraid that your single-minded dog will injure himself by chewing on something much more dangerous – like electric cords or glass.

Disturbing Fecal Fascination

Toby generally downplays the importance of his fecal deposits, focusing more on the potty walk experience than the outcome. When he’s by himself, though, your dog develops a strange fascination with feces. After leaving a pile in an inappropriate corner, Toby repeatedly sniffs his deposit before scarfing it down like it’s a tasty snack.

Efficient Escape Artist

You thought containing Toby in a sturdy plastic kennel would calm him down. You even added his favorite snacks and toys. Unfortunately, Toby ate the snacks, ignored the toys, and chewed through his portable jail before attacking the bedroom door. Good thing you got home before your canine destruction machine demolished the rest of the house.

After your veterinarian Gresham analyzes Toby’s symptoms, he’ll create a tailored treatment plan for your tormented dog. If you think your dog has separation anxiety symptoms, call your vet for assistance.

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