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Help Your Pudgy Cat to Shed Those Extra Pounds
March 1, 2015

Your orange tabby cat Daisy has always been a very fashionable feline. This striking seven-year-old diva stays perfectly groomed, receiving daily brushings and showing off her latest rhinestone collar. For many years, she kept her feline figure by engaging in vigorous daily playtime sessions. When she turned seven, though, your feline housemate decided to get more beauty rest and less exercise. She has also been hitting the cat treat bin more frequently. Unfortunately, her decreased workouts and ramped-up calories have resulted in extra poundage, raising her risks for weight-linked medical conditions. Tomorrow, your calorie-challenged cat will visit your Gresham veterinarian for some expert nutritional counseling.

Pampered, Pudgy Cats

You couldn’t believe the sheer number of pudgy, and frequently obese, cats throughout the country. In fact, 40 to 50 percent of spoiled-rotten pet felines are hauling around extra weight. Basically, they’ve consumed too many calories for their pathetic exercise levels. These sluggish cats – including Daisy – are more likely to suffer osteoarthritis and soft-tissue injuries. They can also experience overstressed muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Feline Carnivore Nutrition

Left on her own, Daisy would indulge her carnivorous instinct, hunting mice and birds for hours. Since you won’t allow that, you’d assume a commercial blend would provide her with the necessary nutrients. However, many mass-produced mixtures don’t incorporate top-quality protein. Instead, they substitute plant proteins, which your cat can’t metabolize as efficiently as animal-based proteins.

Also, your cat is deficient in enzymes that allow her to metabolize extra carbohydrates. Since her body must send the carbs somewhere, it stores them as unnecessary fat. Daisy’s cat treats pile on more carbs, empty calories, and flavor enhancers.

Pre-Program Health Checkup

First, your vet wants to rule out metabolic and/or medical problems that might prevent her from safely reaching her weight loss goal. He’ll study blood work and urinalysis results before he makes a final decision.

Weight Management Plan

Finally, your Gresham veterinarian will present Daisy with her life-changing nutritional program. He’ll likely select a tasty food that’s formulated for safe weight loss. A more structured feeding schedule might also be on the menu.

Give Daisy consistent daily exercise that matches her physical abilities. Over time, she’ll be able to burn those extra calories and drop that unwanted weight. If your pudgy cat has decided it’s time to shape up, contact us for expert advice.

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