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Physical Therapies Can Be Key to Your Dog’s Recovery
April 1, 2015

Your terrier mix Chaz is a canine perpetual motion machine. He never stops moving, delighting in his daily neighborhood walks and energetic dog park romps. He also excels in agility work, running and leaping through the course with undisguised glee. In short, your compact canine athlete was born to exercise. However, seven-year-old Chaz has been temporarily relegated to bench duty, recovering from leg surgery. You’d like to move his recovery along, and you’ve heard that canine physical therapies can help. You’re somewhat familiar with massage therapy and water therapy. Your Portland veterinarian will discuss techniques that can provide valuable benefits.

Wide-Ranging Physical Therapies

Your vet will spearhead Chaz’s physical therapy regimen. Although massage therapy and water therapy are widely available, other treatment modalities can also benefit patients. Ask about veterinary acupuncture, ultrasound, heat and cold therapy, electrical therapy, and targeted stretching.

Two canine patients might realize different benefits from a similar technique. In general, both dogs might enjoy increased strength and mobility; and they could experience decreased pain. Since Chaz has porked up from lack of exercise, you’re happy that his therapy routine could help him to slim down. Over time, consistent physical therapy can enable him to return to activities he loves.

Soothing Therapeutic Massage

You’ve been receiving satisfying therapeutic massages for years. These relaxing sessions have helped to decrease your stress level, and they could also promote healing of injured tissues. Although Chaz might enjoy similar benefits, he’s currently stretched out on the massage table, making him unavailable for discussion.

Since spunky little Chaz has entered middle age, he’s susceptible to age-related joint issues. Therapeutic massages can also produce benefits here. Some general veterinary practices, along with specialty hospitals and canine therapy centers, offer this in-demand service. Selected facilities provide targeted deep tissue massage.

Delightful Warm-Water Therapies

Chaz absolutely loves his warm-water therapy appointments. He splashes gleefully in the tank, improving his range of motion while the water’s buoyancy provides a soft cushion. The gentle resistance promotes better blood circulation and strengthens his muscles.

He appears especially excited about the underwater treadmill. Your dog eagerly pads along without stressing his muscles, bones, and joints. As he improves his strength and stamina, his enthusiastic therapist frequently praises him.

To learn more about targeted physical therapies, and how they can benefit your dog, contact your Portland veterinarian for expert assistance.

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