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How You and Your Dog Can Lose Weight Together
June 15, 2015

Obesity is a very common health issue in both dogs and people. If your pooch is looking a bit pudgy lately, and you’d like to drop a few pounds yourself, you and your dog can work out together. Man’s Best Friend can be a great workout buddy! In this article, a local Gresham, OR vet offers options for how you and your pooch can lose weight together.

Snack Healthy

We know, Fido is an expert beggar, but those fatty treats can add up and translate into extra pounds. If you tend to fall for your canine buddy’s theatrics, share a healthy snack, like a carrot or string bean, rather than the hunk of pepperoni or cheese he’s hoping to score.


Even if you have a yard, take your pooch out for daily walks. Just taking a ten or fifteen-minute walk each day can quickly add up to several miles a week!


Dogs can make great running pals. Just be careful not to push your pup too hard, and keep in mind that not all dogs are well-suited to jogging. Dogs with pushed-in faces, such as pugs, can’t pant effectively, so they lose their breath very quickly. Small dogs and puppies aren’t appropriate jogging buddies, either: because their legs are so small, they have to work very hard to cover distance. Senior pooches and dogs with bone or joint disorders are also better walking than running. To build both your and Fido’s endurance, start by alternating a minute of running with two minutes of walking.


Take turns chasing your furry pal and letting him chase you! To burn even more calories, speed up and make it a sprinting game.


Grab a friend, your pooch, and a Frisbee, and head for the yard or a dog park!

Sit-Up Pup

Get one of your canine pal’s toys ready for your next sit-up session. When you lean back, throw the toy. Fido can fetch and return just in time for the next rep.


Never put a pup on a crash diet. This can wreak havoc on his metabolism, and make him very sick. If your dog needs to lose weight, contact us, your local Gresham, OR vet clinic, today. We’ll be able to recommend a customized nutritional and exercise plan specifically for Fido, based on his health, weight, and age.

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