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Tips for Grooming Your Cat
July 1, 2015

One great thing about cats is that they are very clean. Your feline friend will take time each day to carefully groom herself, and make sure that pretty fur stays soft and shiny. If your furball has very long or thick hair, however, she may still need some help with her daily beauty regimen. A Portland, OR vet offers some tips for grooming cats below.


Brushing is very beneficial to kitties. It helps remove dead fur and dander from Fluffy’s coats, which otherwise might get swallowed when she grooms herself. It’s also great for your furball’s circulation. Pick a time when Fluffy is relaxed and sleepy, such as just after she’s eaten. Move the brush in the direction of her fur. Many long-haired kitties get tangles underneath their armpits, so pay close attention to these areas. Incorporate praise and cuddles with your grooming session, so that Fluffy knows she’s being pampered. Follow up with a special treat or toy, so your furball forms positive associations with being groomed. If she starts to struggle, let her go, and try again another day.


If you want to bathe your cat, it’s best to start when Fluffy is a kitten, so she grows up accustomed to getting baths. Preparation is key when it comes to bathing cats. We recommend trimming your kitty’s claws beforehand, and putting a rubber mat down in the tub. Don’t fill the tub past your cat’s shoulders: a few inches of lukewarm water should be fine. Use shampoos that are made for kitties, as human products can be too strong for cats. Avoid overbathing, as too many baths can dry out that pretty fur.


Clipping your kitty’s nails is a safe and temporary way to keep her from scratching up your furniture. First, get your furball used to having all of her paws handled. Just play with her toes gently when she’s on your lap, until she gets accustomed to it. Start by making shallow cuts at the tip of Kitty’s claws. When you start to see a pale oval appear, stop. You don’t want to cut into the quick, which is where Fluffy’s nerves and blood vessels end. If you’re nervous about clipping your cat’s claws, call us to schedule a quick manicure appointment.

Does Fluffy need a nail trim? Contact us, your local Portland, OR vet clinic, any time!

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