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How to Pamper Your Elderly Cat
September 15, 2015

Is your cat entering her golden years? Our senior cats can use a little help to make their lives easier. Try these suggestions from your Gresham, OR veterinarian to pamper your aging feline friend.


Massage therapy has proven quite useful for pets of all ages, and it will certainly benefit your senior cat. It’s a great way to soothe aching muscles and tired joints, and is particularly helpful for cats suffering from arthritis. Ask your veterinarian about some basic massage procedures to try at home, or find a professional pet masseuse in your area.

Soft Bedding

What elderly cat doesn’t enjoy a soft bed to rest on at the end of the day? Since our older cats tend to sleep more than ever, make sure your pet has a soft, plush pet bed. Try outfitting the bed with a couple of soft, warm blankets to make it extra cozy.

Help with Grooming

Although cats are the consummate self-groomers, senior felines can have trouble twisting and turning to groom themselves the way they once could (it’s a particular problem amongst cats suffering from arthritis pain).

Give your cat a hand in the grooming department by brushing her regularly with a feline-specific brush. This will keep the coat clean and free of tangles, and will help spread essential skin oils through the coat to keep it moisturized and healthy.

Home Modification

Elderly cats still enjoy getting up on their favorite windowsill perch to watch the birds, but it’s likely a bit more difficult nowadays. If your cat has a favorite window or piece of furniture, buy or build pet ramps to help them up. You can also line slippery wooden or tile floors with carpet strips; these will help kitty keep her footing when traversing these surfaces.

Multiple Litter Boxes

If your aging cat’s litter box is in the basement and she spends most of her time upstairs, she’ll have to trek down the staircase—and then up again—every time she needs to use the bathroom. If you’d like to make your cat’s life a lot easier, consider placing multiple litter boxes around your home (perhaps one on each floor). This will take a bit more time and effort to clean, but your cat will thank you for it!

Does your senior cat need vaccinations or a general checkup? Set up an appointment at your Gresham, OR veterinarian’s office today.

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