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Autumn Pet Hazards
October 1, 2015

Fall has arrived—will your pet be safe? Learn about some common autumn pet hazards, as well as how to help your pet avoid the risk, from your Portland, OR vet:

Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Night

Chocolate and candy treats are found in abundance this time of year; don’t let your pet get their paws on any, because both can prove toxic to animals. Trick-or-treat night can also be dangerous for pets, as they may slip out of the open door or become agitated from the doorbell ringing constantly. If necessary, secure your pet in another room until trick-or-treat is over.

Portable Heaters

Do you set up portable heaters around your home to ward off the autumn chill? Make sure your pet doesn’t get too close to these devices. Every year, vets see an increase in burns caused by heaters, because it’s very easy for animals to swipe a tail or paw into them.

Pesticides and Rodenticides

With the temperatures outside dropping, insects and wild rodents might seek warmth inside our homes. If you combat the problem with rodenticides or pesticides, place them carefully where pets can’t reach. It’s important to remember that these products are poisons and can harm our companion animals too! Ask your vet about traps and other non-toxic alternatives to use instead.

Snakes and Other Wild Critters

Snakes are a particular problem this time of year, as they’re preparing to hibernate for the winter and are easily startled. A pet who accidentally comes across one is at risk for being bitten. Other creatures like opossums and raccoons are also active in the fall, and can transmit dangerous diseases to pets if they end up scratching or biting our animal companions. To avoid the risk, keep a close eye on your pet when outdoors and don’t let them explore heavy underbrush or thickly wooded areas without supervision.

Toxic Mushrooms

Only a small percentage of all wild mushrooms are toxic, so it’s not likely that your pet will eat a harmful one. Even so, autumn is peak mushroom season, and it’s not worth taking the risk. Remove any mushrooms from your yard to be safe, and never let your pet chow down on them.

These aren’t the only autumn pet hazards out there. Call your Portland, OR animal hospital to find out about more fall-time pet dangers and how to keep your animal companion safe and sound this season.

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