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Building an Emergency Kit for Your Animal Companion
January 15, 2016

Emergencies are frightening not only because of the danger they pose, but because you simply have no way of knowing when one might occur. The best thing to do is be prepared! Here, your Gresham, OR veterinarian tells you what to include in a pet emergency kit.

First-Aid Essentials

First-aid supplies will make up most of your pet’s emergency kit. Include gauze, bandages, adhesive tape, a disinfectant, tweezers, scissors, a few towels, a styptic powder or pen to staunch bleeding, and a thermometer made for pets. Ask your veterinarian what other first-aid supplies you should include in the kit.

Medical Records

An often-forgotten but key part of a pet’s emergency kit is medical records. These can be lifesavers—quite literally—if you should have to visit an unfamiliar vet’s office, animal shelter, or emergency facility. Include proof of ownership, proof of vaccinations, notifications on any medical issues your pet has, and records of any recent medical work your pet has had done. Place these items in a tightly sealed waterproof bag for safekeeping.

Pet-Specific Medications

Does your pet take medications on a regular basis to manage or regulate a disease or disorder? Make sure you include a supply of these medicines in your pet’s emergency kit, because you never know when you might have to administer them. It’s especially important for diabetic pets, who may need insulin at a moment’s notice. Be sure to check the expiration dates on medications if applicable, and replace them if necessary.

Food and Water

In the event you’re away from home and have to stay away for a period of time, you’ll want to have a supply of food and water for your pet. Include canned food (it won’t spoil as quickly as dry kibble) and a few bottles of fresh water. Don’t forget to pack a can opener!

Other Supplies

The rest of your pet’s kit will be made up of other accessories such as a leash, blankets, food and water dishes, a muzzle, and some toys for your pet. These items may be helpful in certain circumstances or if you have to stay away from home for a period of time.

Are you setting about building an emergency kit for your pet? If you’d like further advice on what to include or if you have any questions regarding your pet’s safety, don’t hesitate to call your Gresham, OR animal hospital for help.

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