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Home Smelling Like Your Dog? Here’s What to Do
February 15, 2016

Our dogs bring us many things, including unconditional love, constant loving companionship, and—well… odors! It’s not uncommon for our dogs to leave parts of our homes smelling a little less than desirable. To combat the problem, use these tips from your Gresham, OR veterinary professional.

Groom Your Pooch

Since your dog is the source of the odor, it makes sense to start there. Groom your pet regularly—brush your dog to remove loose and dead fur, preventing it from winding up all over your carpets and furniture. Brushing also spreads essential skin oils through the coat, keeping it moisturized and cutting down on shedding. The occasional bath using a canine-formulated shampoo may also be helpful.

Clean Regularly

There’s just no substitute for regular home cleaning. Vacuum and dust thoroughly on a weekly basis to make sure your home stays fresh and clean. Some dusters and vacuums are specially designed to pick up pet hair, which will ultimately cut down on odors. Ask your veterinarian to recommend such a product.

Wash Pet Beds

Pet beds are often hot spots for odors, especially if your dog hoards food or eats on top of his bed. Toss the bed in the washing machine every now and then to keep it fresh. Try sprinkling a bit of baking soda on it, leaving the powder there for a few hours to absorb remnant odors, before cleaning the bed off and returning it to its original spot.

Try Odor Neutralizers

You can spray air fresheners around your home constantly, but they may not work in the long run. This is because air fresheners simply mask over odors. Odor neutralizers, however, combat the enzymes that cause odors in the first place, thereby eliminating smells for good. Try using a pet-specific odor neutralizer in your home; these are available at pet supply stores, retail outlets, and some vets’ offices.

Consider Space Restrictions

Some dogs simply smell more than others, and there may not be a whole lot you can do about it. One option, though, is to use space restrictions. By only allowing your pet on one floor of your home, in a few rooms, or up on one particular chair, for instance, you’re limiting the space that you have to keep fresh-smelling. Ask your vet how to get started with space restrictions.

Want more odor-control advice? Talk to your Gresham, OR veterinarian today for further help.

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