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Adopting a Shelter Dog
April 15, 2016

Are you thinking of adopting a new canine buddy? If so, please consider looking for Fido in a shelter. Animal shelters and rescues are full of sweet, lovable dogs that desperately need homes. Below, a Gresham, OR veterinarian discusses adopting shelter dogs.

Finding Fido

Shelters have dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and ages. Whether you’re looking for a small companion pet, or an active adult pooch, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a great dog waiting for you in a shelter. You’ll be able to spend some time with your potential pet before making a final decision, which will help make sure you’ve picked the right pup.

Second Chances

Dogs often end up in shelters through unfortunate circumstances. Many of these pooches have been pets before, and just want someone to love them again. Giving a homeless dog a second chance is a wonderful act of kindness, and one that is very rewarding. You’ll also be helping other animals in need: your adoption fees will go towards the shelter’s operating costs. Plus, you’ll know you aren’t lining the pockets of a puppy mill owner.

Bringing Fido Home

Before you bring your pet home, go get some supplies for him. You’ll need food, bedding, a leash and collar, toys, treats, and grooming supplies. Put these things in a quiet back room. When you get Fido, take him for a long walk before bringing him in. Then, take him into this designated room. This offers your pooch a safe, comfy place to settle in. Don’t be surprised if your pup sleeps a lot at first. This is normal for dogs, and is a healthy way for Fido to recuperate from the stress of being in a shelter. Remember to call your vet and schedule appointments for any needed veterinary care.

Tail Wags

Dogs have an amazing capacity for love and loyalty, but that devotion needs to be nurtured. It may take a little while for your canine buddy to get used to his new home. Give Fido time to settle in. Aside from that, just provide your furry friend with good food, fun toys, suitable exercise, and lots of TLC. You’ll have that cute tail going in no time!

Please contact us, your Gresham, OR animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. We are always happy to help!

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