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Things Cats Just Can’t Resist
July 1, 2016

If there’s one thing we know for certain about cats, it’s that these adorable furballs are full of cute quirks. Although cats all have their own unique purrsonalities, our feline friends do share some common opinions. A local Gresham, OR veterinarian lists some of Fluffy’s favorite things in this article.


Every day, all over the world, thousands—if not millions—of kitties stretch out in their favorite sunbeams for their morning naps. Fluffy enjoys sunbathing so much one might even suspect she runs on solar power!


If you put an empty box down before Fluffy, that box probably won’t stay empty for long. Our feline friends’ obsession with boxes isn’t restricted to housecats, however: lions, tigers, and other big kitties also love boxes. They just need bigger ones!

Knocking Things Off Tables

One of Fluffy’s quirkier habits is her penchant for smacking small items off coffee tables and end tables. This may very well be your pet’s way of trying to get your attention!


Have you ever tried to wrap presents in front of a kitty? Fluffy was probably more than willing to try to lend a helping paw.

Fresh Laundry

Have you ever found your kitty curled up in a warm basket of laundry that just came out of the dryer? You probably thought Fluffy was taking advantage of a warm, comfy napping spot. The truth is, your considerate feline was just considerately putting fur on your clothes.

High Vantage Points

Many kitties like climbing up on top of tables and bookcases. If you think about it, Fluffy doesn’t have a very good vantage point from ground level. Her Fluffy Highness has a much better view of her kingdom from the back of the couch!

Bed Making

Kitties can’t seem to resist helping out when it’s time to make the bed. Maybe Fluffy is just trying to help with the housework!

Anything That Looks Remotely Comfortable

Fluffy’s fondness for napping is no secret. Your furball may rotate between the sofa and the bed for her morning naps, before moving on to new spots later in the day. Whether it’s a folded blanket, a box, a pillow, or even your lap, your sleepy furball won’t hesitate to try out potential napping zones.

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