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Preparing for a New Kitten
September 1, 2016

Are you going to be adopting a new kitten soon? If so, you are certainly in for some adorable moments! Read on as a Portland, OR veterinarian discusses getting ready for your new feline friend.


You’ll need to pick up some supplies before your bring your new furbaby home. Little Fluffy will need dishes, a litterbox and litter, a carrier, bedding, food, treats, and toys. When choosing litter, avoid clay and clumping litters until your cat is a bit older, as they are dangerous for kittens. As far as food, if you know what brand your kitten has been eating, get that for now, and consult your vet before making changes. We also recommend getting a good scratching post, and some kitty furniture, like a cat tower. Look for DIY options if you’re trying to save money.

Getting Ready

Put all of your kitten’s belongings in a quiet back room. When you bring your tiny furball home, you’ll want to start her out in that room, so she has a quiet, comfy place to adjust to her new home. There’s no set time for how long little Fluffy should be in quarantine. Much of it will depend on whether or not you have other pets. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Kittens are nothing if not mischievous. Your curious little feline will want to investigate everything and everything around her, and will be very interested in figuring out what she can eat and/or play with. Keep little Fluffy safe by removing or securing dangerous objects, such as wires and cords; plastic items, such as grocery bags, food wrappers, and the rings that hold beverages together; toxic plants; household and automotive products; medicine; and anything small or sharp. We also recommend making sure your doors and windows close securely, and keeping household appliances shut when not in use.

Veterinary Appointments

Get your adorable new furball started out on the right paw in life by providing her with proper veterinary care from the start. Call your vet to schedule an exam for Little Fluffy. Kittens should also be microchipped, spayed and neutered, and started on parasite control. Of course, feline friend’s exact needs will depend on what she has had done previously. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Do you have questions or concerns about kitten care? Please contact us, your Portland, OR animal clinic, anytime.

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