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Dental Health Tips for Your Cat
November 1, 2016

Dental issues are some of the most common health problems that veterinarians treat amongst cats—after all, it’s an easy part of your cat’s well-being to overlook! Don’t let your feline friend fall victim to dental trouble; use these tips from a Gresham, OR vet to keep things in check.

Examine Fluffy’s Mouth

Take time every week to sit down with your cat and examine the mouth. We know—this may be easier said than done. Try checking your cat’s mouth when she’s sleepy, or have a family member assist you. Pry open Fluffy’s mouth and examine the teeth for cracks, fractures, swelling, bleeding, or anything else that looks abnormal. If possible, try to get a whiff of her breath; particularly offensive odors could indicate rotting teeth or internal health issues, while fruity breath is a sign of diabetes.

If you find anything that you think warrants concern, call your vet for a professional opinion.

Feed a Great Diet

Don’t forget that your cat’s dental health—not to mention her overall well-being—starts with a high-quality, well-balanced diet. Feed your feline a premium cat food that is specially formulated for her breed, age, and weight. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a good type and brand if you aren’t sure what to purchase.

Consult the pet food packaging or your veterinarian to get an idea of the proper portion size for your particular pet. Overfeeding only leads to obesity and a myriad of other related health issues!

Brushing the Teeth

Did you know that you can brush your cat’s teeth at home? First, you’ll need a feline-specific toothpaste and a small pet toothbrush. Begin by simply massaging Fluffy’s teeth and gums gently with your finger; this will get her used to the brushing sensation. When she’s comfortable, introduce a bit of the paste to your cat. Next, gently brush one tooth at a time, allowing your cat to relax in between. Try to finish with a final downward stroke to remove plaque for good.

If you have questions about brushing your cat’s teeth, contact your veterinarian for assistance.

Visit Your Vet

Of course, there’s no substitute for a professional’s touch. Your cat can benefit greatly from regular dental cleanings at the vet’s office. Plus, your veterinarian can gauge your cat’s dental health and offer suggestions for the future. Set up an appointment at your Gresham, OR animal hospital today!

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