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The Healthy Benefits of Pet Playtime
February 15, 2017

We know that playing with your pet is a lot of fun for the both of you—did you know that it’s also very beneficial from a health perspective? Read on below as your Portland, OR veterinarian tells you about some of the great benefits of regular playtime.

Mental Stimulation

Your pet’s brain needs workouts just like the rest of their body, and playtime is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Playing fetch with your dog or having your cat chase around a laser light is about much more than good plain fun—it keeps the brain stimulated and engaged, making for an overall healthier and happier pet! Ask your vet for more recommendations on brain-stimulating playtime ideas.


Of course, regular playtime means consistent, healthy exercise. All pets need exercise to keep the muscles and joints limber, burn excess calories, and stave off dangerous obesity. Whether you’re romping around with a toy on the floor, chasing your cat around her tower, or jogging around in the backyard, you’re benefiting your pet physically. Ask your veterinarian about what type of exercise is most beneficial for your particular pet—depending on your animal friend’s age, breed, and other factors, certain types of exercise may be better suited than others.

Behavior Improvement

Pets who don’t get out their excess energy through play and exercise tend to act out in undesirable ways. This might mean aggression toward pets or owners, destructive escape attempts, digging, chewing, scratching, house soiling and/or urine spraying, loud vocalizations, or other inappropriate behaviors. By providing your pet with regular playtime, you’re giving them an outlet for their energy and helping to tire them out. Ultimately, your pet will be much better behaved when they receive regular play sessions.

Quality Bonding Time

Here’s another way that regular playtime benefits both you and your pet: it provides a wonderful opportunity for important bonding. The relationship you and your pet have is not to be taken for granted—it may be one of the strongest connections you’ll ever know. Foster that bond by playing together on a regular basis. It’ll improve your pet’s mood as well as your own!

Wondering what sort of play techniques will be most beneficial for your pet’s health? Do you have further questions about your animal companion’s wellness needs? We are here to help! Set up an appointment with your Portland, OR animal hospital today.

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