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What to Do About Your Dog’s Excessive Shedding
June 15, 2017

Only a select few of our canine companions shed no fur at all—that means that for most dog owners, some amount of hair is a natural part of life! When the fur around your home gets excessive, though, it’s time to act. Learn more below from a Portland, OR veterinarian.

Groom at Home

The easiest way to reduce the amount of dog hair around your home and keep your pet from shedding excessively is with appropriate grooming. Brush your dog on a daily basis—not only does this trap loose and dead fur in the brush itself, it helps to spread essential skin oils throughout the coat. This moisturizes the fur naturally and reduces shedding from the get-go.

Dietary Considerations

If your dog’s diet is lacking nutritionally, he or she may be shedding more than necessary. Your pooch needs the right amounts of fatty acids, proteins, and other nutrients to maintain a healthy coat of fur! Consult your veterinarian if you think your dog’s diet isn’t up to snuff—transitioning them to a premium pet food that is formulated for their age, breed, and weight will keep them healthy and ultimately improve their skin and fur health.

Ask About Supplements

Did you know that dogs, too, can take dietary supplements? In some cases, these products can help to improve skin and fur health, making for a well-moisturized coat and cutting down on shedding in the long run. Many supplements made for dogs are the same ones that humans can take, like fish oil, coconut oil, or omega-3 fatty acids.

Always consult your veterinary professional before purchasing a dietary supplement for your dog.

Minimize Stress

Many of our canine companions shed even more when they’re stressed or experiencing anxiety. If there is a recent change in your household—a new pet, a relative who is staying over, even something as trivial as a new air freshener used around the house—your dog may be feeling anxious. Talk to your veterinarian if you think this may be the case; working together, you’ll be able to get your dog feeling better in no time.

Visit the Vet

Last but not least, make a visit to your vet’s office if you can’t seem to get your dog’s shedding under control. Medical issues like parasitic infestation, skin infections, disease, and much more could be the cause! Call your Portland, OR veterinary clinic for help.

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