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Easy Ways to Lengthen Your Pet’s Lifespan
July 15, 2017

The joy and companionship that our animal friends bring is beyond measure. Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to keep your pet around for as long as possible? Use these tips from a Portland, OR veterinary professional to do just that:

Feed a Great Diet

Feed your pet a nutritionally balanced, age-appropriate diet. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure that all bodily functions stay in peak shape. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a healthy diet choice based on your pet’s breed, age, and weight.

Exercise and Play

Coupled with a great diet, regular exercise will maintain your pet’s physical health for years to come. Have them get active on a daily basis to burn excess calories and keep the body healthy. Playtime is also essential for mental health—a pet who doesn’t have an outlet for pent-up energy may start to act out in undesirable ways.

Practice Preventive Care

Keep your pet up-to-date on all essential vaccinations; this is the best way to avoid a dangerous illness before it can even begin. It’s also imperative that your pet is wearing appropriate preventive medications to stave off fleas, ticks, parasitic worms like roundworm and heartworm, and mosquitoes. If your pet needs vaccinations or preventatives, contact your vet’s office.

Dental Health Tips

Did you know that dental problems are some of the most common health issues that veterinarians see amongst cats and dogs? They’re also some of the most troublesome. Keep your pet’s mouth healthy in advance by checking your pet’s teeth and gums regularly, feeding a great diet to provide the teeth and gums with essential nutrition, and brushing the teeth on a regular basis with a canine- or feline-formulated toothpaste.


If a pet roams around without proper supervision—especially in the great outdoors—they’re far more likely to encounter dangerous hazards like wild animals, cars, toxic materials, sharp objects or edges, parasites, and more. Keep an eye on your pet at all times to make sure they don’t get into anything they shouldn’t. Young puppies and kittens need even more diligent supervision!

See Your Veterinarian

Last but not least, regular visits to the vet’s office are essential for keeping your pet as healthy as possible for as long as possible. This way, health concerns can be caught and treated early.

Is your pet due for an appointment? Call your Portland, OR veterinary clinic today.

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