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Is Your Dog Digging?
August 1, 2017

Does your dog have a penchant for gardening? Is your canine buddy tearing up your lawn? Fido has many wonderful traits, but his landscaping efforts don’t always score many points with his human friends. Digging is an issue that can be addressed, but before you can get your pet to give up his mining hobby, you’ll need to figure out why he’s digging in the first place. A local Portland, OR vet discusses digging in this article.


If your furry pal is digging in fairly straight lines, he may be trying to get to an animal that is burrowing under your yard. Use humane, non-toxic pest control methods to get rid of your uninvited guests.


Man’s Best Friend is both curious and intelligent. If Fido has nothing to do outside but chase squirrels, he may simply be looking for a way to occupy himself. Offer your pooch lots of toys, and take time to play with him daily. We also recommend walking your pup at least once a day. The exercise and stimulation will be great for both of you!


Dogs sometimes dig to try to get out. If your pet hasn’t been fixed yet, your canine friend may be trying to go looking for love. Your pup could also just want to explore. Bury chicken wire along your fence line, and weight it down with rocks. We also strongly recommend getting Fido spayed or neutered.

Buried Treasure

Another reason dogs dig is to stash treat and toys for later. If you suspect that your furry buddy is digging to store things, get your adorable little pirate a sandbox, and bury lots of toys in it. If your pooch knows where the goodies are, he may lose interest in the rest of the yard.


Sometimes dogs dig to try and get relief from weather or insects. Make sure that your canine companion has plenty of shade, shelter, and water outdoors, and keep up with Fido’s parasite control products. There are also some things you can do to make your yard less attractive to fleas, such as keeping the grass neatly mowed, and picking up any debris, such as dead leaves or branches.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your local Portland, OR animal clinic, with any questions about your pet’s health or care. We are dedicated to providing excellent veterinary care.

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