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Adopting a Senior Dog
November 1, 2017

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month? While we think that senior dogs always deserve good homes, this is a great time to talk about the benefits of choosing an older pet, and offer tips on caring for one. Read on as a local Portland, OR vet discusses adopting senior dogs.

Senior Pets Are Special

There are many things to love about older pets. Dogs often become super sweet and friendly as they age, and develop a calm, lovable demeanor that is really special. Fido will be more interested in ear scritches and belly rubs than in chasing the neighbor’s cat across the yard. This makes older dogs a great choice for anyone without the energy or patience for a frisky young pup. Plus, most adoptable senior dogs are already trained. Last but not least, by adopting an older dog, you’ll be giving that one special pup a second chance at happiness.

Helping Fido Settle In

Being in a shelter is very stressful for dogs. Fido may need some time to recuperate. If possible, set your canine pal up in a quiet back room with food, toys, and a comfy bed, so he has a safe place to relax and settle in. Keep your pet’s age in mind as you prepare for the big day. For instance, pet ramps or stairs can help your pooch get around more easily, while an orthopedic doggy bed will help him sleep comfortably. We also recommend making a veterinary appointment as soon as possible. A thorough exam is definitely in order! This is a great time for you to get some professional advice on your new pet’s diet and care needs.

Caring For Fido

Fido won’t need as much activity or playtime as a younger pup, he will still require lots of TLC. Offering your pooch lots of toys and treats will help him feel loved, safe, and comfortable, while relaxing walks and regular play sessions will give him proper exercise and help him bond to you. To get that cute tail wagging, offer your furry pal plenty of ear scritches, belly rubs, and attention. Your four-legged buddy will thank you with tail wags, happy dances, and unconditional love. What more could you ask for?

Do you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Portland, OR animal clinic, today!

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