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Pet Fire Prevention
July 1, 2018

July is Pet Fire Prevention Month! Fires can be one of the most devastating events a family can face. A Portland, OR vet offers tips on protecting both your pet and your property below.

Emergency Kit

If your pet doesn’t have an evacuation kit, we strongly recommend making one. You’ll want to include a week’s worth of food, treats, and medicine; bedding; towels; toys; dishes; a leash and collar; a pet first-aid kit, and copies of your pet’s vaccination and registration records. Fluffy will also need a litterbox and litter, while Fido’s kit should include a leash and collar. While hopefully you’ll never have to use this kit, it’s always better to be prepared. Keep it somewhere you can access easily in an emergency, such as a shed or car trunk.

Window Stickers

Many firemen will try to save pets if they can. We always recommend getting window stickers that include your pets’ information. Note what kind of pets you have, how many pets you have, and where they may be hiding.


Did you know that pets start as many as 1000 fires every year? Some simple precautions can greatly reduce the risk of this happening in your home. Candles are one big concern. It’s too easy for Fido to knock a candle over with his tail, or for Fluffy to accidentally put her tail in a flame. If you burn candles, use thick, sturdy candle jars, and keep them in high spots, well out of paws’ reach. Gas stoves can also be an issue for people with big dogs. Some large breeds can easily bump a burner knob and turn it on. Use childproof knob covers to be on the safe side. If your furry pal has a habit of chewing wires, use protective coverings or taste deterrents on cords that can’t be moved out of reach. Last but not least, avoid using glass water bowls outdoors, particularly on wooden decks. On sunny days, they can actually start fires!

Smoke Detectors

One of the best things you can do for fire prevention is making sure your smoke detectors work. For best results, consider getting a home security system with monitored alarms. That way, even if something happens when you’re out, authorities will be alerted.

Please call us, your Portland, OR pet hospital, with any questions about your pet’s health or care. We’re here for you!

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