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How to Keep Your Pet Safe This Memorial Day
May 15, 2019

Memorial Day is coming up quickly––for many, it’s a great occasion to kick off summer. If you’re going to be gathering with family and friends this year, make sure your animal companion stays safe. Here are a few quick tips from your Portland, OR veterinarian.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s important to keep your pet safe from heat, humidity, and the sun. Keep Fido or Fluffy hydrated by providing a steady supply of fresh water to drink at all times. Don’t let them linger in the direct sunlight for too long; limit outdoor time so that your pet doesn’t get overheated or dehydrated.

Watch for Toxic Foods

If you’re hosting a holiday party or barbecue, remember that a variety of human foods––and many that are common around picnic and party tables––aren’t good for pets. The list includes garlic, onions, chives, leeks, scallions, shallots, salty foods, chocolate, candy, gum, grapes and raisins, and avocado. Additionally, make sure your pet doesn’t chow down on any chicken or poultry bones, whether they’re cooked or raw. Bones can splinter apart when chewed, creating shards that could harm your pet!

Avoid the Alcohol

If your Memorial Day gathering will include alcoholic beverages, make sure that your pet doesn’t have a chance to sneak any sips. Alcohol of all kinds can harm your pet, even in small doses––the substance affects pets exactly the same way it affects us, except that it can poison them easily! Don’t leave drinks unattended, and never give your pet alcohol on purpose.

Control the Pests

If your pet will be spending time outdoors this holiday, it’s important to make sure they’re up-to-date on their pest preventatives. You don’t want fleas, ticks, worms, or other pests coming out of the woodwork and latching on to your animal companion! Have your pet wear seasonal or year-round preventatives to ward off these pests; most of our animal companions do well with a heartworm medication and a flea-and-tick preventative.

Identify Your Pet

A final rule to remember this Memorial Day: keep your pet properly identified. It’s all too easy for a pet to slip out of a door that’s frequently opened, or to dart off into the night when the neighbor sets off fireworks. If your pet needs a microchip or ID tags, contact your vet’s office today.

Call your Portland, OR veterinary clinic for more safety tips.

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