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ID Your Pet Day
July 1, 2019

Today, July 1st, is ID Your Pet Day! This unofficial holiday is definitely timed well, as lost pet reports usually spike around July 4th. In fact, this is the biggest day of the year for missing pet incidents. This is because so many of our animal pals are frightened of fireworks, and bolt out of sheer terror. Read on as a local Portland, OR vet discusses pet identification.


Microchips are definitely at the top of the list of pet identification. If your furry pal hasn’t been microchipped yet, you’ll want to get this done as soon as possible. The process is very simple: your vet will inject the chip beneath Fido’s skin with a hypodermic needle. Of course, you’ll need to make sure your records are current in the chipmaker’s database. (Tip: if your pet is already chipped, try using the AAHA Pet Microchip Lookup Tool here to check your information.)

ID Tags

Although microchips are definitely recommended, they don’t eliminate the need for regular ID tags. In fact, tags are the easiest way for someone to contact you if they find your pet. If you are concerned about the possibility of your pet getting caught on something, get breakaway collars, which will snap under pressure. There’s no reason you can’t have some fun with your pet’s ID, however. Look for a fun or funky collar and tags that fit your furry companion’s personality.

Travel Tags

Are you going away over the weekend? If so, we recommend putting ID tags on your pet’s carrier. Luggage tags can come in handy for this. You can also use address labels or even hand-written index cards. However, if you go with these options, you’ll want to put clear tape over it to seal and protect it.

Preparing For The Worst

We truly hope that all of our furry patients stay safe and sound at home, and that you never have to go through the stress and heartbreak of a missing pet. That said, we always advise being prepared for the worst. Have some current pictures of your pet ready, just in case you need to make a flyer. Also, make a list of local rescue groups, animal shelters, and community lost-and-found groups.

Happy 4th of July! Please contact us, your local Portland, OR vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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