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Adorable Doggy Behaviors Explained
September 15, 2019

Dogs are adorable pets and companions, with many charming habits. We all know that tail wags usually signify happy dogs, while a pooch that is growling is most certainly not feeling cheerful. But what about Fido’s other habits? Here, a Portland, OR vet discusses some of Fido’s cutest habits.


Puppy kisses can be sloppy, but they’re still one of life’s greatest gifts in our book. Fido often licks you to show affection. This mimics the grooming and socialization behaviors momma dogs show their puppies. However, your furry friend can also gather quite a bit of information this way. For example, he can tell what you had for lunch.

Turning In Circles

Many pooches turn in circles before they lay down, regardless of where they are. This is a holdover from Fido’s ancestors. In the wild, dogs often stamp down brush and grasses to make themselves little beds.

The Head Tilt

Does Fido sometimes tilt his head to the side when you talk to him, as if to ask you to clarify? Dogs do understand quite a few words, so this may be your pup’s way of showing you he didn’t quite catch what you were saying. He may also be angling his better ear towards you, so he can hear you more clearly.

Tail Chasing

There are few things cuter than puppies chasing their tails. Why do they do this? Some young dogs may just be trying to figure out exactly what that thing on their rear end is for. In other cases, this may be the doggy version of the child’s game of spinning in circles until they get dizzy. However, this sometimes can be an indication of medical issues, such as flea bites or anal gland issues, especially in older dogs. Ask your vet for more information.

Sniffing Grass

Have you ever wondered why dogs are so obsessed with sniffing grass? Our canine pals have very sensitive noses. In fact, their sense of smell is about 40 times greater than ours is. When Fido sniffs the neighbor’s lawn, he’s actually gathering information. If your pup could talk, he could tell you quite a bit about what’s going on in the area, such as what animals and people have been by, and how long ago.

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