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Signs Of Doggy Dental Woes
January 15, 2020

Dogs are very affectionate, and they often love to give their human pals ‘kisses.’ However, if your furry buddy’s smooches leave you gagging, your pup may have some dental issues. Although Fido isn’t exactly known for having minty-fresh breath, severe bad breath is often a sign of dental troubles. A Portland, OR vet lists some other red flags to look for below.

Changes in Eating Habits

If Fido’s teeth hurt, he may take longer eating than he used to. He may also chew on one side of his mouth, start preferring softer foods, or eat smaller portions.


Visible tartar buildup is often a sign of gum disease. This insidious disease is very common in our canine pals, and actually afflicts almost 70 percent of pooches over age three. Gum disease is painless and asymptomatic at first. However, over time, it can destroy dogs’ teeth and gums. It can also contribute to other major health issues, such as heart disease, as the infection can be carried to Fido’s major organs through his bloodstream.

Reduced Interest In Play

It’s normal for dogs to get less playful as they age. However, even older pets like to let their inner puppies out sometimes. If Fido has lost interest in play, he may have dental issues.


Any swelling around your canine friend’s face or mouth should be taken very seriously, and treated as a medical emergency. Because of the proximity to the brain, abscesses or infections that cause swelling are extremely dangerous.


Some dogs are naturally head shy. (Sadly, this is sometimes a sign that a pooch was formerly in an abusive situation.) However, if Fido develops a sudden, uncharacteristic aversion to having his face or mouth touched, his teeth may be bothering him.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are another warning sign. You may also notice bloody streaks on Fido’s toys or dishes.

Excessive Drool

Although some pooches are rather slobbery by nature, ropy, bloody, or excessive drool can be a sign that something is going on with your furry friend’s teeth.


Toothaches generally don’t do much for anyone’s mood. Dogs are no exception. If Fido seems uncharacteristically grouchy, have your vet examine him. (Note: this can be indicative of many health issues, not just dental problems.)

Do you know or suspect that your pup has dental troubles? Contact us, your Portland, OR vet clinic, today!

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