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Valentine’s Day Hazards For Pets
February 1, 2020

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This sweet lover’s holiday can be a dangerous time for our four-legged pals. You’ll want to take a few precautions to keep your pet safe over the next few weeks. Read on as a local Portland, OR vet lists some Valentine’s Day hazards for pets.


Chocolate candies may be a great gift for your partner, but they are definitely not safe for your pet. Chocolate is very toxic to our furry pals. This is because it contains a substance called theobromine, which pets can’t metabolize.


Those brightly colored candies with the cute sayings are a classic Valentine’s Day gift. However, keep that candy bowl somewhere your pet can’t get to. Many of these sweet treats contain xylitol, which is toxic to our furry pals. Hard candies and candy wrappers also pose choking risks for playful pets.


While cards may not be the biggest thing to worry about, the ones that play music or light up contain small batteries. Needless to say, that isn’t something you want your four-legged buddy eating. These should be kept away from pets that like to chew.


A pretty bouquet can brighten up any room, but be careful. Some flowers are highly toxic to pets! Lilies, tulips, daffodils, and oleanders are a few examples. You can find more information on the ASPCA website here.


Pets and fire are never a safe mix. If you burn candles, keep them in high, secure places your animal companion can’t reach.


Red wine is a traditional part of many romantic Valentine’s Day dinners. However, even a small amount of alcohol can be dangerous to your furry pal. Don’t leave your wine glass somewhere your pet could get into it.

Plushy Toys

These are more of an issue for dogs than cats: Fluffy is more likely to use your teddy bear as a pillow than to try eating it. Fido, however, tends to get very excited as soon as he spots stuffed animals. The issue here is that many dogs remove the stuffing and squeaker, which can both be very dangerous if ingested. Your canine pal could also choke on small parts, like button eyes. Keep that cute plushy away from your pup!

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