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Tips For Grooming Your Dog
March 15, 2020

Does your dog run for cover when he hears the word Bath ? If so, he’s not alone. Our canine pals may enjoy feeling clean, but they really aren’t very fond of the process that gets them there. Read on as a Portland, OR vet offers some tips on grooming Fido.

Start Young

Get Fido used to the idea of being groomed while he is still little. This will make things easier on both of you down the road!

Keep Up With Brushing

Brush your pet regularly between baths. This will remove dust, fur, and dander from his coat, which will keep him more comfortable. Plus, you’ll find less dog hair everywhere, as you’ll be removing that fur with a brush before it gets stuck to your sofa.

Keep It Positive

Never yell at or punish your furry buddy for not enjoying bath time, even if he does try to get away or splashes water everywhere. This could cause your pooch to form a bad association with being bathed, which will only make things harder on you both.

Get The Right Supplies

Only use shampoos that were made specifically for dogs. Human shampoos are too harsh for Fido, and could strip the oils from his fur!

Don’t Forget The Pawdicure

Overgrown nails may not sound like a big deal, but they’re very uncomfortable for our canine companions. Fido may adjust his stride in order to compensate. This is rough on his bones and joints, and can be quite problematic, especially in pups with hip dysplasia. Keep those nails clipped!

Make It Easy

There are some ways to make doggy bathtime easier for you. Of course, taking Fido to the groomer is probably the number one option here. If you do bathe your pet at home, keep his grooming supplies in a dedicated tote or shower caddy. Using a pitcher or teapot to rinse will also help. Another tip is to get a clear shower curtain. Cut slits in it about four feet apart to put your arms through. You can still reach your pooch, but won’t get splashed nearly as much!

Offer A Reward

After you’re done bathing Fido, give him a yummy treat. You then get to enjoy cuddling with a clean, fresh smelling pup!

Please contact us, your Portland, OR vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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