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Packing A Doggy Beach Bag
May 1, 2020

Does your canine pal enjoy going to the beach? If so, this is a great time to pack your pet’s beach bag for the year. In this article, a local Gresham, OR vet lists some things you may want to include.


It won’t take Fido very long to get hot and thirsty when he’s running and playing at the beach. Make sure you always have plenty of water for your furry friend!

Paw Balm

Don’t forget that Fido is running around barefoot. Your pooch can get painful burns and blisters from running on hot surfaces. Plus, dogs’ paws are very delicate when they are wet. Your pup could hurt his feet just running on harsh ground after going swimming.


You can always pack a regular bowl, but you may want to get your four-legged buddy some collapsible dishes. These are great to have on the go, as they fold up and can fit easily into a bag.

First-Aid Kit

When it comes to our furry pals, it’s always best to be prepared. We recommend keeping a pet first-aid kit in your pup’s bag. You never know what will happen! Fido may cut his paw on a glass or a sharp shell or rock, or have an encounter with a jellyfish.


Your canine buddy probably won’t need to be toweled off after swimming, but you’ll need to rinse him off before heading for home. A towel may come in handy at that point. Your pet may also be more comfortable relaxing on a towel. Plus, if you put Fido’s bowls on a towel, they won’t get as much sand in them.


Did you know that dogs can get sunburns? Keep a good pet sunscreen in Fido’s bag. Put some on his nose and ears.


Fido will be cooler and more comfortable with his own umbrella. You can use a regular beach umbrella, or get your pup his own little beach tent. You may have seen doggy umbrellas you can strap onto Fido. However, these aren’t safe or suitable for the beach. They’re really meant to keep dogs dry when it’s raining.

Waste Baggies

Waste baggies and a pooper scooper are also must-haves from bringing Fido out and about. Make sure to leave nothing behind!

Please reach out to us, your Gresham, OR vet, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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