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Dog Training Tips
July 1, 2020

Does your dog need to work on basic obedience commands? Have you recently adopted a pup that needs to work on his petiquette? Fido is very smart, but he does need training and guidance to learn how to be a good boy. Read on as a Gresham, OR veterinarian lists some tips for training Fido.

Make It Routine

Dogs really thrive when they are kept on a set schedule. Try to work with your pooch every day, at roughly the same time.

Keep It Positive

Our canine pals are very intuitive, and can often sense when we are in a bad mood. Only work with Fido when you’re feeling calm and positive. Otherwise, he may pick up your uneasiness, which will in turn make him anxious. This could make him wary of training. That’s the last thing you want!

Start With The Basics

Man’s Best Friend can learn as many as 100 words, and dozens of commands. However, it’s important to start with basic obedience commands. Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down are the most important ones. Leave it and Drop it are also useful. Make sure Fido has mastered these before moving on.

Short And Sweet

Dogs don’t have very long attention spans, except when they’re watching people cook or eat bacon. Fido will likely get bored with long classes. Work with him for about 15 minutes a day.

Be Consistent

Consistency is always very important when training dogs. It’s very easy to accidentally send Fido mixed signals, and confuse him. For instance, when teaching vocal commands, use the exact same phrasing every time. Don’t say ‘Sit’ one day and then say ‘Fido, go sit down right now!’ the next. Your furry friend probably won’t make the connection, and may very well tilt his head and give you that confused look instead of sitting down like you want.


Fido probably won’t be very impressed by a gold star on his report card. Reward your furry pal for his progress by offering him something he’s more interested in … like food. Small snacks, like bits of kibble or cut up hot dogs, are great for training. It’s also important to praise your dog when he does well. Don’t skimp on those ear scritches or belly rubs, either!

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