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Reasons to Adopt a Pet This Year
January 1, 2021

Happy New Yea r! Today, many people are looking ahead, and making plans for 2021. January 1st is traditionally a day when many people make goals for themselves. These resolutions often focus on improving one’s life and/or trying to make the world a better place. One way to do both? Adopt a new pet! You’ll read some reasons why you should consider bringing a new furry friend home in this article from a veterinarian in Gresham, OR.


Pets enrich our lives in many different ways. They turn our houses into homes, offer us friendship, support, and cuddles; and just make everything better. They can also help people cope with loneliness, greif, depression, and anxiety.

Comedic Relief

Another great thing about pets? You have a furry, four-legged comedian at your disposal. Fido is adorably hilarious when he is confused about something or just acting playful. And as to our feline pals, well, there’s a reason that people just can’t get enough of watching videos of Fluffy being her quirky, charismatic self.


This is a big one, especially in turbulent times like these. Pets are a wonderful source of comfort and support. Fido’s snoot boops and Fluffy’s affectionate purrs can be absolutely priceless on a bad day.

Unconditional Love

Pets stay with us no matter what, never judging us and never asking for anything more than love and basic care. Fido doesn’t care what the news headlines say, and Fluffy isn’t worried about politics or office drama. They just want to spend time with you, collecting ear scritches and affection!


This one mostly applies to adopting dogs, of course. All those daily walks really add up! In fact, people with pups are less likely to be obese than those who don’t have canine buddies.

It Feels Great

If you love animals, you probably have found yourself touched very deeply by our furry friends. Giving one of them a second chance at happiness can be a very beautiful and rewarding experience!

Lo  ve

People can form very deep and powerful bonds with animals. That love is very special and profound, and can change both your life and your pet’s. There’s definitely something to be said for adding more love and friendship to your life.

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your animal clinic in Gresham, OR!

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