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Keeping a Senior Cat Active
March 15, 2021

Is your kitty aged ten or older? If so, you have an adorable little retiree on your hands! As your cat ages, she’ll slow down, just as people do as we grow older. However, Fluffy will still need some activity to stay healthy. A Gresham, OR vet offers some tips on keeping your feline buddy fit in this article.

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Playing is your kitty’s best workout at this age. Even a few minutes of running or pouncing . is beneficial. Interactive play is great at getting cats engaged. It’s much more fun for Fluffy if she can’t predict what her ‘prey’ is going to do. Try to play with your furry friend every day, ideally at the same time. Your pet will also benefit from the structure of having a set routine.

Choose A Safe Area

Pick a safe area, such as a carpeted floor, for kitty playtime. Don’t play with your feline pal on sofas or beds, or anything else she could fall off. Also, stay away from any potential hazards, such as pools, stairs, or fireplaces.


Fluffy should also have a few toys she can use by herself. Cats all have their own taste in toys, try different things. Your kitty may prefer toys that light up or make noise, as these are a bit easier for her to track. Your furry buddy’s tastes may also change as she ages. For instance, older cats sometimes become desensitized to catnip. Fluffy may not get as excited over her favorite plant anymore. Finally, refresh and replace your furball’s playthings regularly, to keep her from getting bored with her things. 


Cats feel safe in small, enclosed spaces, so it’s not surprising that they can’t resist exploring tunnels. Get some pet tunnels for Fluffy. Or, make your own out of newspaper or cardboard.

Don’t Expect Full Zoomie

Fluffy will always have moments of friskiness, but she likely will become more and more sedentary as she ages. That’s purrfectly fine. One thing you don’t have to worry about is overexerting your kitty. Dogs will push themselves to the point of exhaustion to please their humans. Cats … won’t. As soon as your feline friend gets even a little bit tired, she’ll just quit playing and go take a nap.

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