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5 Ways To Spend National Lazy Day With Your Cat
August 1, 2021

There’s a pretty important holiday coming up … National Lazy Day is August 10th. Of course, many of our feline patients probably can’t be bothered to do much, but they’ll still celebrate in their own ways. Here, a Gresham, OR vet lists some ways to honor this important occasion with your furry pal. 


A good meal is definitely in order. Delivery is, of course, the perfect option here. Order something delicious from your favorite local restaurant! Don’t forget to get something good for Fluffy, too! Deli meat; cooked, boneless fish or chicken; or small amounts of steak, shrimp, or tuna are all fine.

Photo Session 

One thing we can say about our feline overlords? They certainly are photogenic! Take some pictures of Fluffy doing what she does best, which of course is absolutely nothing. Candid shots are great, but you can also go for a more professional look. Pick a backdrop that contrasts against your kitty’s coat, and snap from her eye level. 

Online Shopping 

These days, you can order almost anything with a few keystrokes. Treat your furry little diva to something new. What better way to celebrate National Lazy Day than by getting a new bed? Fluffy may also appreciate a new throw blanket. You can also get your lazy pet a window seat, where she can combine being lazy with watching birds and squirrels. Of course, if you really want to get some purrs or tail wags, order your feline buddy her own kitty subscription box. Every month, your cat will get her own package of goodies to open. The best thing? You won’t have to lift a finger!


Before you leave for work, put a program on for Fluffy. Some kitties love watching TV! Later, as you’re winding down for the night, offer your furball some lap space. You can even go for a fun, cat-themed movie. Puss In Boots, Lion King, and The Secret Life Of Pets are all purrfect choices for family night.


Did you know that kitties can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping? Fluffy is a great napping buddy! Purring cats also make excellent sleep aids. Take some time to relax with your furry best friend.

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Gresham, OR animal clinic, we are here to help! 

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