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Ways To Help Homeless Animals
August 27, 2021

International Homeless Animals Day is August 21st! There are far too many dogs and cats out there fending for themselves. If you love animals, as we do, you may wish there were something you could do to save them. Actually, there are ways for you to help! A Portland, OR vet lists some of them below.

Know The Numbers

Statistics on pet homelessness are quite sobering. While there is of course no way to get an exact count, there may be as many as 70 million homeless pets just in the US alone. Shelters do what they can, but they just can’t keep up with those numbers. Unfortunately, millions of pets are euthanized each year. Knowledge is power!

Get Your Pet Fixed

Did you know that a single pair of cats can have as many as 2, 072, 541 descendants in just nine years? Dogs aren’t far behind. We know, puppies and kittens are adorable, but think of all those grandkittens or grandpuppies. Getting your pet fixed will help keep them from contributing to the problem. (You’ll also have a happier, healthier pet.)

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Are you ready to bring a new furry pal into your life? Go through a shelter or animal rescue, rather than a breeder or pet store. Even if you want a specific size, color, age, or breed, you will likely find a great match.

Support Local Animal Charities

Many animal shelters and charities run on shoestring budgets, and rely on volunteers, fosters, and donations to help them provide food, shelter, and medical care to the pets they look after. Monetary donations are always appreciated, but there are also other ways to help. Consider volunteering or even fostering. Or you may have another skill that comes in handy, such as photography.

Spread Awareness

The good news is that awareness of the plight of homeless pets seems to be on the rise. Pet holidays, like this one, are gaining traction. Social media also helps, as it’s just such a great venue for sharing posts. Sharing information is a wonderful way to help shed light on this sad issue. Repost articles or infographic, or pass on word about a pet that is up for adoption. Every little bit helps!

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