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Fluffy’s Cutest Resolutions
January 1, 2022
Happy New Year! As we toss out our 2021 calendars and hang up new ones, many of us are setting personal goals for the coming year. Your kitty may have a few things on her agenda as well! Read on as a Portland, OR vet lists your feline pal’s most adorable 2022 resolutions.

Pounce More

We know that cats are very capable hunters. However, that doesn’t mean Fluffy doesn’t look a bit silly when she’s batting at that feather toy or running after that elusive red dot. Help her make this goal by providing her with lots of toys and taking time to play with her every day.

Increase Sprint Time

Kitties are nothing if not unpredictable. Every now and then, they do things that just make us wonder what they’re thinking. At some point this year, your furball will race from one room to another at her top speed, and for no reason you can see.

Work On Flexibility

Have you ever found your cat in a position you may have thought more appropriate for a knot or pretzel? Kitties are very flexible. Theoretically, this helps them with hunting and survival. However, Fluffy also puts this trait to use when it comes to napping.

Get More Sun

Cats love finding warm napping spots to curl up in. Fluffy may spend a pretty good chunk of the year snoozing in sunbeams, under blankets, or in warm baskets of laundry.

Learn More About Birds

We recommend keeping cats indoors: they are much safer inside. However, you can help your feline friend make this goal by offering her a window seat with a good view.

Speak My Mind

Kitties are all unique individuals. Some are quiet and timid, and others are very bold and talkative. In fact, some of our feline patients are furry little chatterboxes! Fluffy may very well try to vocalize a little more this year.


Did you know that kitties can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping? Of course, Fluffy needs a lot of practice to get up to that level. She’ll spend a good chunk of the coming year working on her snoozing, napping, and sleeping skills. Make sure she has plenty of beds to choose from! Is your kitty due for an exam? Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Portland, OR pet hospital, today!
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