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Your pet’s emotional and physical well-being is prioritized with every visit. We put the patients first!


Megan Watson

Certified Veterinary Technician

Shortly after moving to Portland in 2005, Megan’s cat needed medication for tape worms. She brought her pet to Wildwood Animal Hospital for treatment and ended up chatting with Dr. Haughom during her cat’s exam. There was an open reception position available, and Megan was told to apply. She got the job that very same day!

Megan grew up in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It was there that her animal care career began: she worked as a veterinary receptionist in May of 2004 before moving to Oregon with her husband in 2005. She says she instantly fell in love with Portland’s greenery and mild weather; it was the exact opposite of Arizona!

Around the clinic, Megan especially likes performing dental cleanings. She says there’s something very rewarding about seeing a healthy mouth free of tartar! She also likes to run bloodwork, help with boarding check-out, and enjoys getting to know each and every client and pet on a personal basis.

At home, Megan and her husband Tyler have five cats: Cheebah, Dojah, Mr. Bigglesworth, Kiki, and Bowser. Bowser is the quirkiest of them all, and demands to be towel dried after taking showers.

In 2014 Megan decided to start the process of pursuing her CVT license and today she has made that dream come true. Megan graduated from the PCC Veterinary Technology program in 2018 and passed her national exam shortly thereafter.




Mariah says that her career in the animal care field pushes her physically, mentally, and—most importantly to her—emotionally. She can’t think of anything she’d rather be doing! She serves as a receptionist here at Wildwood Animal Hospital.

Mariah hails from the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. She’s been with the clinic team since the summer of 2010. Her favorite part of working at the front desk is getting the pleasure of the first hello—she loves to be the first face that clients and pets see!

Recently, Mariah moved into a beautiful country home, surrounded by trees, flowers, fields, and no neighbors. Of course, there’s a never-ending list of projects that takes up most of Mariah’s free time. She shares her home with Memphis, a Great Dane puppy who grows in height, weight, and personality every day.


Pat Kolberg, CVT

Certified Veterinary Technician

Pat was interested in veterinary medicine ever since she was a little girl, when she would tag along with her father to the local vet’s office. As she grew up, her passions didn’t waver—now Pat has worked as a Certified Technician and Receptionist at Wildwood Animal Hospital since 1990!

Pat was born in upstate New York. After living in California when she was young, her family moved again to Oregon, which Pat still considers home. In 1990, the company that Pat worked for moved their offices to another state, eliminating her position. When Pat saw an advertisement for an open receptionist position, she jumped at the chance to work in the animal care field.

Pat especially loves to track a pet’s progress from their first visit to their last—she feels privileged to be a part of a pet and owner’s life. Pat is also intrigued by the technical aspects of lab work.

Pat’s husband of 26 years is now retired and volunteers for the local animal control. Thanks to him, Pat and her husband share their home with five cats, all rescues: Parker, Leo, Mr. Big, Griffy, and Miss Maple. Parker was even featured in a “How I Met My Cat” article in Modern Cat magazine!

Outside of veterinary medicine, Pat is an avid photographer and specializes in pet portraits. She also teaches group fitness classes at a local gym and enjoys writing when she has the time.




Having grown up in the country, Shelby has always been comfortable with all sorts of animals. When a friend told her about an open position at Wildwood Animal Hospital, Shelby couldn’t pass it up! She’s been a part of the clinic team since 2010.

The part of her job that Shelby loves most is seeing a pet’s health and temperament improve over time. She’s also passionate about education, and loves to continue learning all she can about animal health.

Shelby’s own pets include Hemi, an adopted basset hound lab, and Bella, a bratty little cat who is nicer to Shelby than anyone else. Shelby also owns a pair of hedgehogs; she loves watching their one-of-a-kind behavior!

Currently, Shelby is attending school full time while she takes care of her duties around the clinic. Whenever she has a spare moment, she likes to spend it with friends or family.