Keeping your pet’s teeth and gums clean plays an important role in keeping them happy and healthy. Without adequate care, your loved one’s mouth can become a haven for dangerous bacteria, which can spread infection throughout the entire body. The good news is, you can protect your pet from this risk by making a commitment to ongoing dental care, both professional and at home. Wildwood Animal Hospital offers both routine and advanced pet dentistry services to handle all of your pet’s oral health care needs.

We recommend having your pet’s teeth examined by our professional staff at least once a year. During an exam, we can identify signs of a potential problem early so it can be addressed in a timely manner. Our hospital is also equipped with a digital dental x-ray machine, which we can use to further evaluate the condition of your pet’s oral health. Should a problem be diagnosed, we are experienced in performing a number of advanced dental care services, including extraction and minor oral surgery.

Symptoms of a dental problem in a pet include bad breath, broken or missing teeth, excessive drooling, changes in eating or chewing habits and pawing at the face. If you notice your pet exhibiting any of these signs, it’s time to give us a call and schedule a dental exam. The sooner we can identify what’s causing your companion’s discomfort, the sooner we can get them back on the path to feeling happy and healthy once again.

Beyond our professional dental services, we also want to support the important role you play as an active member of your loved one’s health care team. To keep plaque and tartar at bay, we recommend brushing your pet’s teeth at home on a regular basis. If you need advice or guidance, we would be more than happy to provide a demonstration as well as make recommendations on various over the counter pet dental care products to try.

Your pet deserves a happy, healthy smile. Let’s work together to help make it happen!

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