Wellness & Vaccinations

Our pets cannot take care of themselves, so it’s up to us to take the appropriate measures to keep them happy and healthy for as many years as possible. At Wildwood Animal Hospital, we believe that the best way to accomplish this goal is by making a commitment to ongoing wellness care. When we are able to examine your pet on a regular basis, we can both manage their current health and monitor that health over time. Preventing illness and catching disease in its earliest stages can add years to your loved one’s life and improve the quality of those years exponentially.

My pet isn’t sick. Do I still need to keep that appointment?

Many responsible pet parents make the mistake of believing that because their pet seems healthy there’s no need to bring them to the vet. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in many cases, an animal that appears to be completely fine on the outside could actually be experiencing serious health concerns on the inside. If left undetected, these medical issues could progress and worsen, making them much more difficult and expensive to treat.

To avoid this risk, we recommend having your pet examined at least once a year, regardless of his or her outward appearance. This allows us to thoroughly check your pet – from nose to tail – to identify any areas that might need to be addressed. When we can catch the signs of illness right away, we have a much better chance of treating and managing it in a way that improves the prognosis and costs you less money in the long run.

Wellness visits also provide us with the ability to protect your pet against certain risks that are common for companion animals. We accomplish this through vaccinations, parasite control and nutrition, which we customize to each patient’s unique needs and lifestyle. By taking a proactive approach to managing your pet’s health, we can stay ahead of the curve, preventing illness and keeping them happier and more fit throughout the course of their life.

What is wellness care?

Simply put, wellness care involves annual or semi-annual check ups, similar to the visits you have with your own doctor every year. During a wellness visit, the doctor will check your pet’s entire body – externally, including the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin, as well as internally, by listening to the heart and lungs and conducting certain diagnostic tests. The doctor will look for any signs of a potential problem, and make sure every area of your pet’s body is functioning just as it should be.

We’ll also focus on maintaining your pet’s good health through our preventative care techniques. A vaccination plan will be developed and implemented, your pet will be monitored for parasites and we’ll discuss such important factors as diet, exercise, behavior and anything else that the vet feels is necessary for keeping your loved one happy and healthy. We strive to spend as much time as necessary in the exam room, answering your questions, discussing your concerns and making sure that your pet receives the most precise and effective care available.

Finally, we view wellness visits as a chance to establish a solid relationship with you and your pet. At Wildwood Animal Hospital, we firmly believe that trust between doctor and patient, and respect among our clients and our staff are fundamental components of exceptional veterinary care. Only when we truly understand your companion’s unique needs and establish an ongoing relationship with them can we deliver the best possible care.

Our comprehensive wellness care services are available to pets of all ages. Let’s work together to improve the odds of your furry family member enjoying a long, happy life.

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